RARE Community | Austin


Rare is the community where people can:

  • Keep relationships bigger than problems
  • Respond consistently even when overwhelmed
  • Bounce back quickly from the upsetting emotions of life
  • Endure hardship well

Communities where people are trustworthy, spread joy, and are genuinely engaged in one another’s lives, are rare because people lack emotional maturity and relational skills.

Come gain tangible, relational skills rooted in cutting-edge brain science, Scripture, and prayer!  These are the skills you need for a thriving relationship with God and with people.

Let’s build a Rare Community together in Austin!


Dr Jim Wilder

Dr. Jim Wilder has been ministering since 1977 and teaching in the areas of trauma and addiction recovery, spiritual and emotional maturity, multi-generational community development, and the brain science of relationships. His understanding of both the theology and neuroscience of joy is foundational for healing, growth and life transformation.


Saturday, October 28

9am - 5pm


Grace Covenant Church Auditorium

9431 Jollyville Road

Austin, TX 78759


Early Bird | $65 / Person

Early Bird | $75 / Person with Lunch

After ? price increases $10 per person.