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RARE Leadership Book

Revive your leadership. Grow healthy teams. See great results.

Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity - the quality the greatest leaders possess.

Combining solid theology, cutting-edge brain science, and decades of counseling and consulting experience, Rare Leadership shows you how to take your leadership and team to the next level.


Joyful JourneyAnyone can hear God.
Learn to listen to Immanuel today.
If scripture calls Jesus "Immanuel" or "God with us", why do so few people hear his voice?

God wants to talk to you. Now you can learn how.

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful, than that of a continual conversation with God; those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it.”
Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God


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What if Freud was wrong? What if what drives us is not our need to see primal desires fulfilled? What if our deepest need is to experience joy? The latest discoveries in neuroscience show the significance of joyful relationships to the development of a strong identity that produces resilience for dealing with life’s challenges. What is joy? What makes it so important? What helps it grow? What blocks it? And is there a difference between joy and happiness? In this book you’ll discover that real joy is relational, and that perhaps living a life of joy is better than chasing moments of happiness.


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Discover how your joy increases in 9 weeks as you study and implement the concepts of joyful transformation in a small group setting.



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Engage your community to get trained to spread joy to all of its members in 3 to 6 months with the Connexus training program.




Invite others into your joyful community, repeat the process while you keep strengthening its core, see joy and transformation multiply.



What people are saying

about "Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone"

Jan Johnson D.Min.

Speaker and author of 20 books including Renovation of theHeart in Daily Practice: Experiments in Spiritual Transformationwith Dallas Willard

This book offers a shortcut to transformation by showing us ways to cooperate with how the brain is wired to run best on joy. Emotional maturity is at our doorstep through skills practiced in everyday life.

George Ackron

Director for Renovator Ministries

What a powerful reality unfolds in these chapters for Spiritual Formation to Christlikeness! One can only hope every pastor in America gets this book in their hands and applies it forthright.

David I. Levy MD

Neurosurgeon and author of Gray Matter

Dr. Wilder and colleagues have created a densely packed, multi-disciplinary wealth of information built from their own experiences in counseling, teaching and addiction. Their premise that joy is primarily experienced through relationships and essential to healthy life is backed by scientific research. This book sheds light on how and why joy is lost, the variety of things we try and substitute for it, and how best to get joy back. This is a valuable resource.

Marcus Warner Ph.D.

President Deeper Walk International, Speaker and Author

Joy Starts Here is a potentially revolutionary book for those who will invest the time to absorb its message and apply its teaching. I know of few resources in the Christian community with the potential to change lives as this book.

Dr. Dallas Willard

The Life Model is the best model I've seen for bringing Christ to the center of counseling and restoring disintegrated community fabric within Christian churches.

Jan Johnson D.Min.
George Ackron
David I. Levy MD
Marcus Warner Ph.D.
Dr. Dallas Willard