Life Model Works is a nonprofit organization which has identified a set of 19 relational brain skills that are rapidly dropping out of society.
The lack of these skills is a major cause for all sorts of trauma and societal and relational chaos.
Equally important, the lack of ability to live these loving character skills in relationships is a major contributor to the inability for churches to sustain community life and lasting
character change, as well as leadership failures.
Based on the peer-reviewed research of multiple respected neuroscientists, Life Model’s unique trait is the application of insights from the field of neuroscience to the task of living as Jesus taught.
Our mission is to reintroduce these skills
and make them self-propagate through the church.
We do this through:
• Curricula for churches, ministries and small groups
• Thought leadership
• Events
• Training
• Books, DVDs, Audio
• Assessments
• Real time and Forum Discussion Groups
• Consulting
• Embedding Life Model theory and exercises into 3rd party solutions
Donations drive our ministry by:
• Enabling our research, testing and outreach
• Keeping the cost of our materials and programs low in the developed world
• Allowing us to provide our resources to the developing world at no cost
Life Model Works’ applications are at work on all six continents