The 2017 Annual Gathering stands to be unlike any event Life Model Works has hosted. With an exciting team of presenters and trainers, the 2017 Annual Gathering will focus on our need to practice relationship skills with both God and people. We call this event Immanuel-centered Relationships because we must learn to use skills that are relational to effectively engage the Living God and we need skills in order to interact with people.


It may sound strange but we need both God and people. In John 10 Jesus said the sheep know Him and because they know Him, they listen to His voice. Scripture continues to tell us God’s people become unified because they know His voice. The Immanuel Lifestyle is where we experientially interact and relationally engage the Good Shepherd. We hear His voice and we follow Him. God’s presence changes us. Sharing the joy of God’s presence changes our families and communities.


God created us for a relationship with Him and He created us for a relationship with each other. The combination changes our character and heals our wounds. It is just this combination of skill practice with Immanuel and people that can restore the credibility of the Western Church. More than ever the world needs a contagious Body of Christ who can hear our Shepherd’s voice, follow His leading and stay relational in the process. Now is the time to interact with the Living God and learn how to spread God’s joy in our families and communities.


The 2017 Annual Gathering will include insightful teaching and hands-on practice focusing on how to use relational skills with God and with people. Life Model Works' national event this year will prove to be the best yet, and you'll agree, especially after you learn about the new feature!






When:  April 27-29

Where:  Highpoint Church, Naperville, IL

(Highpoint Church was formerly Harvest Church)

Location Address: 1805 High Point Drive, Naperville, IL 60563

Theme:  Immanuel Centered Relationships

Keynote Speakers:  Jim Wilder  |  Karl Lehman  |  Chris Coursey  |  Marcus Warner




7:30 am Registration Check-In
8:15 am Welcome begins
8:30 am Keynote: Dr. E. James Wilder
10:00 am Break
10:30 am Panel 1
11:00 am Keynote: Dr. E. James Wilder & Duane Sherman
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Keynote: Chris Coursey
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Panel 2
4:00 pm Breakout Sessions
5:00 pm Closing

6:00-8:30 pm Wilder Dinner


8:15 am Welcome begins
8:30 am Keynote: Dr. Marcus Warner & Dawn Whitestone
10:00 am Break
10:30 am Panel 3
11:00 am Keynote: Greg Hawkins
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Keynote: Chris Coursey
3:00 pm Break
3:30 pm Breakout Sessions
5:00 pm Closing

6:00-8:30 pm Networking Dinner


8:15 am Welcome begins
8:30 am Keynote: Dr. Karl Lehman
10:00 am Break
10:30 am Keynote: Chris Coursey
12:00 pm Closing

Afternoon - Fun Excursions Around Chicago




Immanuel Prayer—Margaret Webb and Jessica Handy
Get a taste of Immanuel Prayer, a powerful tool for experiencing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, along with ideas and resources for learning and starting an Immanuel Prayer ministry.

Immanuel Centered Relationships with Children—Phyllis Ericksen & Jennifer Coursey
Immanuel centered relationships are for children, too! Learn to guide the children in your life toward Immanuel with these valuable strategies and practical tools.

Life Model in My City—Laura Sutton
A growing number of people, churches, and organizations around the country are networking around Life Model. As they come together to pray, practice Immanuel centered relationships, and host events, their cities are becoming epicenters of joy. Come be inspired and equipped to develop a joy epicenter in your city!

Applying Rare Leadership—Jonathan Van Horn
Hear how people have been impacted personally and professionally by Rare Leadership & how they are using the RARE skills to influence others in their community.


Being Immanuel Centered in a Broken World—David Takle
Maintaining Immanuel centered relationships can be challenging since all relationships involve fallible, broken people. Learn how our inner healing impacts our relationships and how to stay Immanuel centered in a broken world.

Connexus—Amy Brown
Discover Connexus, Life Model’s small group video curriculum with instruction and exercises that build relational skills in the family, church, and community. Hear how Amy Brown and others are facilitating these modules in large and small churches, recovery, home and inner healing groups.

Attune to Attach—Maribeth Poole
Ever wonder why ‘clear communication’ makes no difference? Learn to recognize which level of your God-designed brain is over- reactive and how to relate with yourself and others in the most helpfully relational manner.

Immanuel Journaling—Barb Bucklin, Anna Kang and John Loppnow
Be amazed at this simple, yet profound process of improving your awareness of God’s presence and your interaction with Him. Experience healing, peace, daily guidance and friendship with God!




This year at Annual Gathering, Life Model Works is pleased to announce a special feature that will allow you to connect with each other and explore Chicago! We are offering exciting excursion options for both out-of-town guests and locals. If you are familiar with Chicago, this is a great opportunity to partner up with some guests to show off the city. If you are not from around these parts, you'll get to see some highlights of the city.

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This is Dr. Jim Wilder's 40th Anniversary at Shepherd's House and we are throwing a party. While this will happen during AG17, this is an extra event and requires additional registration and tickets.

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Sheraton Lisle Hotel
3000 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532 | Directions
(Within 1 mile of the venue)
Special Rate: $89.00 / night
Shuttle Service to and from the venue is included

Reservations: Online or by phone 800-325-3535

Reservations are limited to 75 rooms and must be made before 5:00 PM on March 27, 2017.


PRICING NOTE: Previously, we offered group discounts and special introductory pricing for local attendees, however, this became confusing and caused a delay for our customers. To better serve our clients, we eliminated group and local discounts and lowered the overall cost of the event. Extra discounts are available through Early Bird Pricing too!


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