Discover the transformative power of joy

You've read the book, have started to grow joy with your Joy Starts Here study group,
you are now ready to spread joy throughout your community.

As your group learned through the JSH study groups the transformation zone can exist when:

• the weak(er) & the strong(er) are together and interacting
• tender responses to weakness are the rule
• the interactive presence of Immanuel maintains shalom

Connexus trains communities in 24 weeks to start living in the transformation zone
and increase the joy levels of all of its members.

Connexus consists of two 12-week programs

• the first 12 weeks divide your community and sends the stable / "strong" members through "Forming"
• and simultaneously sends the struggling / "weak" members through "Restarting"
• the second 12 weeks bring them back together to practice "Belonging"

This facilitator led program includes video segments and group exercises
The end result an is increasingly joyful transformative community.

More info about Connexus training:
Watch the webinar below, contact Amy Brown or visit this page as we are working on an updated version for this website.

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