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Even though joy is one of the key elements the Kingdom of God consists of, many Christians today are not experiencing the joy and transformation the Bible talks about.

Applying the biblical and modern Brain Science based principles laid out in the "Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone" book has been proven to give an instant increase in relational joy.

Because joy doesn't grow through reading a book, but through joyful interactions with other people, we recommend studying it as a group.

"Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone" provides a 9 week study and leads you to the transformation that awaits you in Connexus.

Joy is universal, no prior training is required to run a Joy Starts Here study group. The book is designed to guide groups of all kinds through the process of finding joy. If you run a mega church, a coffee shop or just would like to get together with a group of friends to study, this book is for you.

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