Joy Starts Here book

Arguably the most important book written on this topic. This could be the beginning of a joyful revolution, a new way of life for us all.

The fact that it is possible to write a book about joy, in a way that it connects ancient truths from the Bible to the latest discoveries in Brain Science to the issues of everyday life, is one indication of how human beings are inherently wired for joy.

Joy means we are glad to be together. Smiles appear and faces light up. When shared, joy produces strong bonds and loving relationships. Joy is what we search for from the moment we are born, but we often come away empty. Can we get joy in today’s world, in a society that is becoming more and more individualized, digitalized, and traumatized? Is it even possible?

Authors E. James Wilder, Ed M. Khouri, Chris M. Coursey, and Shelia D. Sutton take us through the exciting steps of being able to find real joy. They share from their own life and professional experience and show us that real joy is attainable, growable and able to be cultivated. When real joy is found, families, schools, churches... even the world can change!

The book contains:
• 9 weekly Bible studies
• assessments
• joy building activities and group exercises
• 263 pages

Are you ready for the transformation zone?
Read his groundbreaking book as part of a study group. Or better yet, get your entire church to use it in their small groups and see your church transform!

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