Discover how to live with more joy. Strategize how to spread joy in your church & community. Without leaving your home!

JOYStreams are unique online learning opportunities featuring the Life Model Works approach to life transformation. These webinars will give you the opportunity to interact with Chris Coursey, Ed Khouri and many others from the Life Model Works staff.

Upcoming JOYStreams include:

round table

The Round Table

An online gathering of those committed to growing and spreading joy. You’ll engage with other church leaders, business leaders and home makers, and share best practices for experiencing Life Model solutions!



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Mp3 JOYStream Downloads, Now Available:

A&HAttachment Pain and the Holidays - Ed Khouri

It’s hard to face the Christmas and holiday season when relationships hurt.  This time of year just seems to amplify the kinds of relational and emotional pain we carry during the year. In this JoyStream, we want to do 4 things to help you avoid the attachment pain holiday trap. We want this to be your best holiday season ever! If attachment pain has been a source of pain during the holidays, you don’t want to miss this JoyStream.
WFRWired for Relationship - Ed Khouri

God designed us to Thrive off of the joy of relationships. Often we get sidetracked by life struggles, bad habits and bad relationships. With time these sidetracks re-wire our brain, making it hard to be the joyful person God wired us to be!
COHCall of the Harvesters - Ed Khouri

Ed Khouri shares from John 4. It is the story of how Jesus worked with a very dysfunctional woman from a seriously dysfunctional town. It is the story of how God loves to choose weak, broken, foolish and despised people - transform their lives - and then turn them loose to change the way their entire culture works. This is the call of Jesus for all of us today.
RAHRecovery & Healing - Ed Khouri

In this JOYStream, Ed lays out God’s design for healing. During this recording you will not only get answers to tough questions about healing, but you’ll hear the intimate story of Ed’s own healing as well as experience a time connecting with Immanuel for yourself. You don’t want to miss this one! download
GFAGod, Food & Attachment - Ed Khouri

Recorded LIVE at ThrivingDC 2014 in Fairfax, VA. Besides this great presentation, you receive extra BONUS material! You’ll discover multiple methods that will help you discover God’s design for relational meal times! Grab a bonded partner or a group of friends and join in on this time of learning and practicing relational exercises!
TTBTipping the Balance: Caterpillars, Crocodiles, & Codependency - Ed Khouri

Explore the hidden and sometimes not so hidden roots of fear and pain that drive codependency. Fans of Joy Starts Here readers will recognize the “possums” and “predators” in this discussion!
MSMMy Strong Mask - Ed Khouri

Ed divers further into fascinating concepts of masks from Chapter 3 of the exiting new book, “Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone.”