Speaking Engagements

Summer Institute for Reconciliation

Duke University | June 5-9, 2017

Dr. James Wilder | Traumatic Healing in the Church: A Practical Model

Life Model Works' Founder and Chief Theoretician, Dr. Jim Wilder, will speak in one of seven seminars actively engaging participants in understanding the nature of trauma and in learning and practicing a method for addressing trauma in a Christian context.

Dr. Wilder will introduce The Life Model and its three key elements: multigenerational community, the Immanuel Lifestyle, and relational brain skills.

Leadership Symposium - Who is My Neighbor?

Los Angeles | August 19, 2017

Jim Martini, Life Model's CEO

There is much being done for Christ in these three movements: the inner city movement, the neighborhood movement, and the Life Model movement.

Believing the way forward is relational, Life Model Works has invited leaders from these movements will come together to build relationships, learn from other, share insights, and become more effective.

Joining Jim Martini from Life Model Works will be:

  • Wayne "Coach" Gordon from CCDA
  • Tom Anthony from Neighborhood Collective
  • Dave Mead from NavNeighbors
  • Bishop Dave O'Connell from San Gabriel Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

2017 ACTheals International Conference

Chicago | September 21-24, 2017

This conference highlights Community and Healing, two areas where God’s great love meets the world’s deep need today. As healers, we want others to draw from the spring of living water which is the Holy Spirit. But as Jesus told the woman at the well, this means that first we must be filled to overflowing, something that can happen only by experiencing healing and community ourselves. This conference showcases the gifts and wisdom of over 40 years of ACTheals’ ministry as a healing community while charting a course for ACTheals’ future in these areas. We pray this will be a time of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s gifts for ACTheals collectively and for each of us individually.

Please join Dr. Karl and Pastor Charlotte Lehman, Chris and Jen Coursey, Fr. Bob Sears and Rev. Shirley Brummell, as they invite us into a deeper experience of Community and Healing.

Come and enjoy the spiritual nourishment, experiential knowledge and healing fellowship.



CCDA 2017 Nat'l Conference

Detroit | October 4-7, 2017

The Christian Community Development Association will show the CCDA community how practitioners in Detroit are transforming neighborhoods and fully engaging in practices of reconciliation in under-resourced communities.

Conference speakers, workshops, site visits and conversations with like-minded people cultivate an environment where attendees are inspired and retooled. We hope to facilitate a safe place for honest conversation, thoughtful engagement, worship, and rest among a group of truly diverse attendees. We are grateful for the opportunity to rally around the pursuit of (re) conciliation and biblical justice.

Life Model Works' Founder and Chief Theoretician, Dr. Jim Wilder, will participate in leading daily devotions for the gathering and a workshop. Jim Martini, Life Model Work's CEO, and Amy Brown, the City Development Liaison at Life Model Works, will join him.

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